Anti-scam Policy

Anti-scam Policy

Date with ukranian women Our Anti-scam policy was developed according to the challenges of the business we are in. To defend our clients from scam and fraud we have created Anti-scam department, that acts in compliance with it.

How we protect our clients from scammers and fraudsters

K-dating is interested that its online platform operates smoothly, and the clients are left satisfied with the quality of the service provided. As far as we deal with people, we are responsible for double-checking the information about women, who register on our web-site, as well as to protect them, if men violate their rights.

When a lady is sure about her intention to meet a foreigner and wants to register on our website, the first thing she has to do is to submit the copy of her passport and the photograph to our Anti-scam department. Our professionals pay special attention to the check of marital status.

If a man who seeks a sweetheart on is not sure and wants to double-check, if a lady he communicates with is real, he is welcome to contact our Anti-scam department, and we will get outside of it.

However, there are several practical tips on how to detect that a person you talk to is not a scammer. Ask your lady/man to have a video-chat. If you do it, you will understand straight away, if the details presented in his/her portfolio are true or not. Another useful advice is to ask for a new photograph. A scammer will not be able to present it.

To conclude, one more important thing: if a lady/a man you talked to appeared to be a scammer and you spent money during your dating, K-dating will reimburse you any expenditures that occurred. Should you declare any damages or present complaints concerning scam or fraud, please, contact our Anti-scam department.

We encourage members to report claims of scamming. This helps us to provide a genuine service. If you feel you have been subjected to scamming, contact us at