Serious Intentions

Serious Intentions

How to Distinguish Serious Intentions of Your Partner

Serious intentions mean future marriage and giving birth to mutual children. How can you find out whether your relationships are healthy and whether your partner has serious plans for your future?

1. Note carefully whether your partner listens to you. And you do not necessarily have the oratory skills. If your partner really likes you, he or she will listen to you very carefully.

2. Serious-minded persons will not put off the meeting with you for no apparent reason. If your partner had to postpone the meeting, it would be a momentous occasion. A meeting of the friends is not a serious reason to choose instead of an evening spent with you.

3. Pay attention to how a person looks at other people. When there is no difference in the way your partner looks at men and women, you can stay calm.

4. If a person is ready to create a family with you, you will indeed be introduced to their friends and parents.

5. A loving partner will give all free time to you, and in a spare moment he or she will certainly take up your mobile phone, and you pick up just to ask how you were doing or send a delicate SMS.

These issues are essential and all other more significant details of your relationships depend on them. Pay attention to how you express your intentions so your feelings could be mutual and develop in one direction. If you show your affection and your serious intentions, you can easily motivate your partner to do the same.

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