Recognize a Scummer

Recognize a Scummer

Today thousands of people face fraud on the web daily. What can be worse than recognizing a scammer in a lovely girl you chose for online dating? Are there any tips to tell if you are being baited by a catfish? After a long-term research, we are ready to introduce you some particular signs of dating swindles.

1. Profile data investigation

Look for some small clashes in general information. A 21-year-old girl looking 35 is a rather rare occasion. A 175 cm tall person will hardly weight 45 kilos, and so on. Very often, scammers steal the info from the other profiles. What you can do here is to copy the information and google it. If you find identical lines under the other pictures - it is a scam. If you find the same profile in other dating platforms – check the dates. No one will keep looking for love without updating the picture and the data for over a year.

2. Profile photo investigation

Luckily Google has the service where you can check how many duplicates of the photo are available on the net. More than two is already a red flag. Catfish mostly borrow the photos from Facebook and use them for creating dozens of fake profiles.

3. Talking manner

Your interlocutor is asking too serious questions too soon. That is an alert! Try to ask as many questions as you can. Ask about the date and occasion of the photos and check if that correlates with one of the photo inspection services. Pay special attention to spelling and grammar mistakes to check if the person is actually from the country set in his/her profile.

4. Derailing from the dating site

Use unique email address for any message a stranger wants to send you. Do not follow any links! If they ask for money – block them immediately! A smart and simple way to check if the person is real – ask for an FB profile. Pay attention to tagged people in the photos and the dates of the first posts. This is how you can easily buffer yourself against scammers.

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