Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy




K-dating is international dating service that takes care about its users’ privacy. We provide our policy on personal data management in order to guarantee and assure the collected data. And we are completely responsible for the database developed with the personal information supplied by our users. Katedating is using the most reliable computer security tools to protect user’s personal information.

     This document is an integral part of K-dating Personal Privacy Policy. By accepting it during the registration the user gets the policies contained herein. The personal data processing is performed through this web page complies with the provisions of laws. To register for K-dating the user must supply certain full and accurate Personal Data. The user certifies that the personal data given to K-dating is correct and take responsibility to inform about any changes hereto.

      We do not grant or sell any of your personal information to third parties for particular, marketing or advertising purposes.


Cookies may be used for storage and retrieval of data terminal equipment of the recipient. You can delete cookies by selecting your browser for this purpose. It is possible to remove all cookies by selecting the effect of your browser. K-dating has the right to make modifications of its Privacy Policy, when appropriate.

      These changes will be announced on this page so that the user will always know about the collected data, how that information may be used and whether it will be revealed to anyone.

Credit card details will be handled securely to ensure confidentiality. SSL encryption is employed to ensure sensitive data is protected.