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When your relationship hangs and you do not know if you need either to break up or lead your second half to the altar, a lot of phycologists suggest going on a trip with you partner. Personally I think a joint trip to another country or city is a great way to understand how strong your relationship is.

        he recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been much spoken about. Do you know what the most beautiful thing about this fairy tale that was watched by 2 billion people on different channels all over the world is? The fact that two persons who are not the happiest, not the most beautiful, and not the most fortunate people have miraculously found each other.

Start thinking outside of the box and choose Ukraine’s capital as your next travel destination. Acknowledge its beauty and culture through an unforgettable journey.
Being a complete underdog in terms of a touristic attraction, Kiev is a city comparable to Chicago thanks to its population of 3 million, and it is twice as big as Milan, a cultural European centre.

There are a few of them and we'll tell you about each of them in details, but at first we'd like to tell you that, well, it's not so simple. In relationship, there is no place for schedule. That's now it works — you can't say that you will kiss her after 8 hours, have sex in 2 days, be happy in 1 week and marry her after 65 days.

You probably already know that Ukrainian and Russian women are very popular among the foreigners, especially among the American men. Slavic girls are very beautiful, intelligent, they are good mothers and wives — it's a well-known fact. But why is marriage with a foreigner a common big dream of Ukrainian women? Well, there are a number of reasons. Let's see.